Home Inspection Services

A home inspection helps you make a more informed decision about the home you’re considering buying and can help identify potential issues. A thorough home inspection will also give you a good idea of the ongoing maintenance the property will require and can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs — or from unknowingly buying a money pit. During a home inspection, a visual assessment of a house’s physical structure and mechanical systems – including the roof, ceilings, walls, floors, windows and doors – is completed and a thorough report is provided that lists the inspection findings in great detail. The goal of a home inspection is to uncover any issues and give you a well-rounded outlook on your real estate investment.

Lodge Inspections, LLC is certified, licensed, and insured and can provide the peace of mind that you need to ensure you have a better understanding of your real estate property. Click the links below to learn more about the categories that we cover during our home inspections.


Siding, soffit, fascia, doors, and windows are inspected for things like rot and moisture intrusion. The grounds around the home are also investigated.



Interior rooms are inspected for water intrusion or other damaged areas in need of repair.



The roofing system including the covering, flashings, and protrusions are viewed for defects such as cracked shingles or deteriorated stack boots.


The foundation is inspected for water intrusion or severe cracking. Exposed framing in the house is also examined for issues.


The inspector checks the fixtures, faucets, drainage, water heater and main service line. Active plumbing leaks are identified and noted in need of repair.


Main service panel is inspected as well as the outside meter. Representative number of receptacles are checked for proper wiring and switches are operated.


Insulation in accessible areas is observed and areas in need of insulation is reported. Ventilation in attic area is observed if accessible.